Art Project – Phase Four

resinporeTwo, originally uploaded by sawyers_kevin.

So here you see i resined the hell out of the piece again. starting to like it. actually i LOVE it. show me something shiny and i get all excited. again, i thought this was the final step but something just isn’t finished about it. i hung the piece on the wall and it seemed to not have enough presence. it needs to have a home. pete and i discussed and pete really surprised me with some GREAT suggestions. not to say that pete isn’t creative, he just doesn’t know it and doesn’t always respond to art out loud. anyway, the piece needs a home. now i’m thinking of creating a plush bed of stuffed fabric panels in a frame and having the black piece look as though it’s being presented in a plush silken box. OR mounting the piece on a mirrored surface that has a victorian wallpaper pattern applied.
i don’t know just yet. i’m leaning toward the fabric option but that’s gonna be some work for me. more to come.