i don’t know why but you people seem to want me to continue to rant and write on this page. don’t you have anything better to do but read the silly sass of a castro queen???
well, after my foray into central and south america i’m back in the US of A and doing little to nothing. i’m very good at that. doing little projects around the house sometimes. made a slip cover for the dining room table, brought my succulents back from near death (thanks pete…:O)) finally picked a towel rod and toilet paper holder for the newly remodeled bathroom, pete and i picked out a coffee table we liked and now i’m TRYING to hone in on the final color choices for the paint in the bedroom, entry hall and dining/living room. as a designer it’s tough picking these things for your own home. well, i’m off to lowe’s to get my Martha Stewart paint and get to it in the bedroom……painting that is.