dolor en mi cabeza

so here i am not even through my third week of study and im kicking myself in the head for not knowing how to speak spanish.  i know its crazy but its the way i tick apparently. my maestro says my written grammer is almost perfect, my pronunciation makes these people weep its so good but i just cant bring myself to actually speak the language.  ive heard of eye-hand and eye-foot coordination but who knew about brain-boca?  i know it will happen.  i couldnt understand a single word coming out of anyones mouth when i arrived and now i can pick up the odd word or two.  its coming but its like pulling teeth. i so wanted to impress pete when we meet in belize on 12/23 and im sure hell act impressed but i know where i am.  it was up in the air for a while weither i would return to Xela for more study or go somewhere else to study.  im definately coming back here to continue.  its a fine school with very profession staff and maestros.  id recommend it to anyone.

so, if anyone wants to come to guacamole for a visit ill be in Xela till 12/23 and then in belize for a week.  back to xela from 01/03 – 01/19 or so.  THEN maybe Equador for a few weeks of more spanish study and adventure in the forests and volcanoes and MAYBE Galapagoes Islands. SHUT UP!!!  its a little expensive to get there from the main land but i think it may be worth it. i dont know if i can bring myself to scuba dive there though. pete would hate me for sure.  supposed to be ABSOLUTE heaven.  Rick and Randy have any comments here?  anyway, so thats what im a thinkin at the moment.  if anyone has other suggestions about when and where to go and what to see im all spanish ears.