mercado de chichicastenango

here’s a little side trip from Xela.
Chichicastenango is SUPPOSED to be a 2hr ride from Xela but because of traffic and road work it took 3.5hrs. no big deal. lots to look at and be afraid of once we got there so all was well. i keep thinking much of guatemala looks like what the world would after a nuclear fall out. if that’s the case then this would be the capital. that said, there was much beauty everywhere as well.
take a look for yourself. i have to confess these pictures don’t tell the whole story. there are some things you just don’t take pix of like 7yr old boys with hands blackened by working as a shoe shine boy now eating what little he had with his black hands.
OR the drunk man that had fallen down the church steps now with a bloody head trying to right himself. not a single person hesitated to help. as a tourist you’re caught between wanting to help, feeling you’re being suckered into something and thinking that it may not be the right thing to do if the locals aren’t doing anything.
who’s to say.