day two: i met my host family yesterday and went to their home.  im going to refrain from saying negative things except for the water situation.  they seem to think hot water means you melt the ice cubes before you use them to shower.  thats cool. nora licardi is the mother of the house of my host family.  very sweet people.  they speak very little english so it was a challenge to get to the house, understand things and then sit through dinner.  dinner consisted of a fried egg, a dense cake or roll of mushed up beans and some tortillas. OH, and plantaines. that was fine.  i spent the rest of the evening (2hrs) in my little room studying spanish.  i need to learn it quickly.  my head will split open if i dont learn to communicate soon. guess what i had for breakfast in the local restaurant this morning?  i ordered the traditional breakfast and got fried eggs, beans and tortillas.  its my understanding this will be the bulk of what i eat while here.  this morning after breakfast i spent the rest of the early afternoon wandering around the town, sitting in the town center studying and taking in the local folks.  they were all having a wonderful time hanging out with family and friends.  EVERYONE had an ice cream cone.  lots of mayan and spanish folks hanging out together.  lots of traditional dresses being worn by the women. most men wearing thin dress shirts and slacks. there are lots of foreign students about.  canada was represented for sure.  the rest is anyones guess.  i´ve yet to speak to any of them.  i´m going to try to upload some images now.  some of my room, the town center and just stuff around.  enjoy.  the images will have captions when i figure out this flickr deal.

buenas tardes