first impressions

ok, so there i was in guatemala city last night. i was picked up by the folks from the ¨B&B¨i was staying at.  this amounts to a cinderblock cell with pancakes in the morning. no complaints.  the hosts were wonderful and the pick up at the airport, staying overnight and delivery to the bus station the next morning was $17.00 total. 

the bus ride was Q60 which amounts to roughly $10.00 for a 4-5hr ride on a “luxury” bus.  not bad at all. 

at the B&B i met an ex-romanian that lives in canada who was going to Xela to vacation during his wifes last week of study at Celas Maya (the university where i´m studying).  we chatted the whole bus ride and shared a taxi from the bus station in Xela.  along the bus route there was gorgeous views of the country side with lots of farms and such on the hilly mountains.  there was a lot of poverty to be seen.  the long winding road was being repaired after several land slides in the past year so the trip took an extra hour.  again, no complaints.

i am freaking out a little because i don´t know NEARLY enough spanish.  (yes, adrian was right.  i needed to study more)

i´m now at the university which is closed for a few more hours.  i´ll meet my family later and get settled in.  that will be a big help in feeling a little more rooted here……but what the conditions will be at my new home is yet to be discovered.

more soon.

buenas tardes amigos y amigas.