get ready sister cause ESTA LUGAR ES LOCO

that’s right mary, sister done gone and went out in BA.
she crazy like a HOOOOOOOOE. the city that never sleeps. ny can just give it up cause BA done beat the shit outta her.
me loves it.
that’s right, i’m seein double and thinkin triple. so, i MADE myself go out tonight and WALKED to none other than GLAM. it’s supposed to be the hottest thing sense sliced bread. they can keep the title if they want. it’s okay. have to give it to them. they ARE the hottest people on earth. take a little spanish and mix the language with a LOT of Italian and then throw in a NAZI or to and what do you get? an Argentine gay bitch that’s over 5’8″ with more attitude than you can throw a stick at. he looks GOOOOOOOOOOD though. gots to say the bitch know what she gotzzzesssss.
okay, so i walked for an hour at least to find this place “GLAM” (dear lord what a name) then i wait in line for not so long……maybe ten minutes. they made us wait much longer than needed to keep the line outside….of course. then i finally get in and its just FULL of Argentine folks and a bunch of english speakers. the natives can spot you a mile away and speak english to you almost immediately. it’s a disgrace i tell you. then, you finally start talking to one of them and you find out they’re from freakin COLUMBIA. then the columbian puts the latino moves on ya like you have never seen. blowin on your neck and stuff like out of a bad porn……i’m all like, “yeah, you go to the bathroom, I’ll be right here when you get back.
that was a lie.
i left the bar as fast as possible. it was at least 5:30 and these people showed no signs of letting up. it was all i could do to pull myself away. WELL, after a V and redbull and a V and 7up i was all kinds of talkative to the cab driver….who spoke PERFECT english. but at least i got to see that my spanish was really still there. then, after he dropped me off i went down the street, asked a guy (in spanish) where to get some food and then found a store and asked the store keep ( in spanish) if i could buy a sandwich, orange juice and a bottle of water. it was FAB to say the least. I STILL GOT IT BABY. now i’m here in my CIUUUUUUUUUUUUTE apt in BA typing and blabbering and eating my processed ham and cheese sandwich on white bread and drinking my GRAPEFRUIT juice and water. how’s that for ya?
loves ya all…..means it.
smooches from BA and you MUST visit soon.
it’s the freakin BOOOOOMBA!!!!!!