leccion en vida

yeah so it finally happened.
after two months of nothing but good luck…….i had my belongings stolen.
i was at a bar with a local guy i know hanging out. i had put my bag on the floor shoved up next to a plant. i think the only guys that saw where i put it were the door men. not that this info helps in any way. i went back to get it and to head back home aftar maybe half an hour. by bag was gone. the sad thing is my camera and my ipod were in it. also my favorite scarf (from old navy)…….it was totaly cute with vertical candy stripes in two shades of muted sea blue. there was also a pair of cheap sunglasses i didnt like anyway. they had kind of goldish coppery rivets on the lenses…..how tacky. so there you go. the download on life lesson 1. whats next?