uh, yeah….it’s really that pretty.

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so here is the view from the room that tess and i stayed in at Lago Atitlan. the guide book told us to stay away from the UNFRIENDLY Jinava hotel but we desided to check it out anyway. it was far nicer than the hotels at the main dock but we found out (or at least i did) why they call it unfriendly. the german owner was a bit of a pain in the ass. i made the mistake of making a face when his wife told me the price of a drink. he spent the next 15 minutes lecturing me on why his drinks are the best and that they only use the best ingredients……bla bla bla. his staff then make make me the worst mojito that has ever exhisted. the mist was just floating in the glass whole.
anyway, it was worth it. did you get a look at the pic above? we ate 3 of our four meals at a hippie joint named Moonfish. the food was excellent. if i can work it out i may go back to lago atitlan before i leave. this past time i stayed in San Marcos. next trip will be to Santa Cruz. thats where the divers are. the lake is supposed to make for good diving and i may be able to get a high altitude certification. YAY!!!