julio EL iglesias


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so michele asked about my longest conversation yet. well it was with julio. what a wonderful person. again i have to say i´m one of the luckiest people alive. i have so many dear friends in the world. i´ve met some in NC during college, some in Atlanta during my short time there and more in SF. these are not mere friends, these are people i was meant to meet. people i have a solid bonding relationship with because we are of kindred spirits. now i come to xela, guatemala and i find another such friend. it brings tears to my eyes to know i´m this fortunate. 
so, julio and i sat down with a little vino and had the best time. he´s a teacher at another school here in xela so he knows just how fast to speak to me and exactly what to ask to encourage me to speak in spanish. we also had a lot of fun toying with english and spanish back and forth. the idea of a spang-lish dictionary came up.
sorry to say though, that is the end of that. tomorrow i leave for belize to meet the bestests man in the world (pete) for christmas and new years. when i return, julio will be gone for a visit with his partner in manchester, england for six months. 

adios mi amigo. go with god.