you’re so fresh

so the food.  what can i say but OMG. everything is so fresh and well prepared.  the best so far are the soups.  they’re all made with rich broths and lots of fresh herbs and vegetables.  so good.  seriously yellow eggs (this means they’re practically plucked from the chicken) and always delicious.  then there’s the price.  so inexpensive.  i had a great lunch the other day of a brothy thick soup with herbs and stuff….lots of celantro and two nice sized chicken medallions fried nicely on one side and a mound of yellow rice AND deliciosly fried fingerling potatoes.  to drink i had hot tea and a glass of freshly squeezed pineapple juice.  bread is served with each meal as well.  this meal cost me around Q15 which is roughly $2.00 US. is that stupid or what?  the thing is if they have just a little money they make the most of it and things are done as well as possible when it matters most.