here we go (latin america 11.24.06 – 4.28.07)

the adventure begins this friday 11/24 and i’m not EVEN ready for it.
got my backpack yesterday at REI. i asked one of the sales associates to direct me to the “i’m going on a long trip and want to carry around a bunch of needless stuff that may or may not be used in the entire 5 month trip but i have to carry it anyway” section. he took me directly to it. there i got my dr.scholl’s moleskin roll and an adventure medical kit. i was also looking for one of those cheesy hold everything necklace things that holds your passport, money, credit cards etc… on a pocket around your neck. there are some more flattering ones at Flight 001 and the fabric they’re made of is much more comfortable if you’re wearing it against your bare skin. that’s all for now.