mother load

so i havent been the best for taking pictures lately and sorry to say there are none now BUT wait till after this weekend. tomorrow Tess (girl from Santa Cruz CA) and i are heading to Lago Atitlan.  the link above is sure to satisfy.  supposed to be FREAKIN beautiful with warm weather and beaches along the lake. this is where were gonna TRY to stay wish us luck.

also a hippy sanctuary of sorts.  lots of them came to the area in the 80s to help with the political situation with the US vs the Gorillas and the hippies never left.  meditation centers, yoga classes, lunar studies school etc…. sure to be a fun adventure and BOY do i need a break. Xela is getting to me, especially the exhaust.  dont know why but some days are just worse than others.  was sunny and gorgeous this afternoon and the exhaust just seemed so foriegn.  anyway, look for great stories and even greater pix next week.  hope all is well with anyone reading.  please comment. helps me get through the lonely times.

pura vida,