dolor en mi cabeza 2

so here i am back in xela and TRYING to speak spanish again. leaving for over a week was a BAD thing to do when it comes to keeping in practice.  kicking it back in is difficult. i was overly frustrated the first two days back but after class on friday i feel a little better about it all. i´m making stupid mistakes that i know better than to make. una problema??? NO es UN problema.  stupid me….everyone knows problema is an irregular noun and even though it ends in an (a) it´s masculine.  DUH!!!!  you see what i mean?  i think i lost a few verbs along the way as well.  oh well, next week should be fine.  i have a new teacher named Mynor.  I´ll post a pic soon.  i can tell he´s going to be great. wish me luck.  gracias, k