Viper Rum Pum Pum Pum

Viper Rum, originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF.

OK. so i had to write a little bit about this. YUCK! i read about this nasty mess before going to Belize and of course our waiter at the resort comes over with a free shot for us. do you think i tried it? GIRL PLEASE! nasty with a capital WHAT THE %/$&!!!
well, pete tried it. and what a show it was. first you dip your finger in the VIPER RUM and then you light your finger on fire and put it in your mouth. then you use a piece of banana to pick up sugar on a plate and coat your tongue in suger…..then you down the shot of rum and quickly shove the banana in your mouth and eat it. how awful does that sound? believe me, watching it was worse.
fun huh?