breakdown number 1

ok, so it happened. as you know ive enjoyed being around my host family here in Xela, Guatemala. they help with the language as much as possible and the food the mother makes is actually delicious. there was just that one problem with the bed in my room. well, there were many problems but the bed was the biggest one. i{ll explain: i may have said before that the mattress looked like it had been out in the street for a while. i{m sure multiple families have used it over the past 30 yrs of it{s life. maybe a few dogs have enjoyed a siesta or two on it. anyway, i could hardly sleep on it last night. it was my fourth night at it and i broke. today i went to the school and let them know i was getting a hotel room. it{s not a problem supposedly. this happens from time to time. living conditions are different from host family to host family. some of the other students have REALLY clean homes to stay in and some have even mentioned rooms with views of the volcanos. call me a princess, i got jeleous. i{m now staying at the Anexo Hotel Modela, 14av. A Zone 1, Xela. i{m there till sat. night and then i may go to another host family. cross your fingers. it{s a wonderful experience to be in a home with a family and see the day to day activities.

i had my 5 hr class this morning and things are rolling right along. Norma my Mayan maestra is amusing to say the least. gotta go now and take an extra class ( clase de expressiones y modismos) idioms and stuff.

keep writing me and posting to the blog please.